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VacPac Vacuum Cleaner Paper Bags

SKU: P5422

Availability: In stock

Box Size: A\nBags + Filters: 5+1
QR:  VacPac Vacuum Cleaner Paper Bags


To fit\nNilfisk GM 200 - 499\nNilfisk GM 300\nNilfisk GM 400\nNilfisk GM 430\nNilfisk Power Allergy\nNilfisk Power P 10\nNilfisk Power P 20\nNilfisk Power P 40\nNilfisk Power Parquet\nNilfisk Power Special\nNilfisk Power Super\nNilfisk Bags 147 028 6500

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Brand Vac-Pac
SKU P5422

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