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Your favorite scenes to set the mood.Recall your four favorite scenes anywhere in your home at the touch of a button. Use Philips Hue Tap as a remote control and turn all your lights off at the same time. Completely wireless and works without batteries, for your comfort.\nEasy control\n* Recall your favorite Philips Hue scenes\n* Place it where it matters\n* Use as a remote control\n* Powered by your touch - no batteries\n* Requires a Philips Hue bridge\nTechnical specifications\n* Diameter: 75 mm\n* Height: 25 mm\n* Lifetime: 50,000 clicks\n* Number of configurable buttons: 4\n* Max. 25 hue taps per bridge\n* Range: up to 30m\n* Weight: 90g

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Brand Philips
SKU HUE115263
Barcode 8718696752005

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